How much do braces cost?

how much do braces cost
In this article we will go over the price range of how much braces cost, and the important factors to take into consideration: location, duration & type of orthodontics.

How do I find the best dentist for my child?

Finding the best dentist for your child is important
If you are looking to find the best dentist in the area for your child, these tips will help you in making a great decision. What questions to ask the pediatric dentist in your area and more.

Pediatric, Toddler, and Newborn Frenectomy

Can a newborn frenectomy help with breastfeeding issues
If you’re curious about tongue tie or lip tie in your child, it’s a good idea to do a little homework . What are the benefits of a laser frenectomy? Can a newborn frenectomy help with breastfeeding issues?

Sedation options if my child needs dental work

doctor going over sedation options for a child's dental work
"What sedation options can I consider if my child needs dental work and is scared? Are they safe? " Dr J will explain the different sedation options for your child's dental work

Is sedation safe for a dental procedure?

is sedation safe for a dental procedure
It’s normal to ask: "is sedation safe for a dental procedure" for a dental procedure for your child. In this article Dr J will go over what to expect if your child needs sedation
what snacks are good
We understand how difficult it can be to get your child to eat healthy snacks and especially snacks that are good for their teeth. Frequent snacking is the number one contributor to high risk for dental decay.

Do you recommend mouthwash for my child?

mouthwash for kids
Is mouthwash recommended for kids? Is it safe? How old should a child be to start using mouthwash? Check out Dr J’s answer and recommendations

When can my child brush their own teeth?

2 babies brushing teeth
Around the age of 6 is a pretty common practice, although there are a few factors you should consider before letting your child brush their own teeth.

Electric toothbrush for my child

Which electric toothbrush do you recommend for my child?
Dr J will explain if an electric toothbrush is better for your child, he also shows how to brush with an electric toothbrush and how to choose the best electric toothbrush for kids.

My child grinds his teeth

a child grinds his teeth while sleeping
You may notice your child grinds his teeth at night while sleeping. While it is very common, the causes are not so well known. Is a custom night guard needed?