Comprehensive pediatric oral health requires not only good dentistry,
but also curiosity, trust, and counseling.

Healthy Smiles & Happiness Start Here!

Pediatric Dentistry for Newborns through Adolescents

Pediatric dental services to keep your child’s smile and oral health optimal. From newborn tongue tie expertise, to preventive dental care and fixing those illusive cavities, performed by dental specialists, while having fun.

Specialized Dental Care:

Convenient care by dental specialists trained specifically to meet the needs of children from newborns and makes oral health attainable and fun for the modern busy family.

Preventive Dental Care:

From Toddler Time to Teen Dentistry, from dental check ups to sealants, our team knows pediatric prevention and we want your child to get the best dental care possible to keep them cavity free.

Toothaches and oral dental trauma don't happen only between 9-5. Our pediatric patients get world class emergency dental support services during and after business hours. We got your back.

Fillings & Crowns:

The average child starts 1st grade with dental decay. We treat every child as our own. We fix cavities conservatively while giving your child the best possible experience. It’ll be ok.

Laser Dentistry:

Our technology is top notch. Imagine shining a light on teeth that light up cavities! From laser tongue tie release to super low radiation 3D xrays, we got you covered.

If you’re worried your child can't safely receive needed dental treatment, worry no more. Dr J and team provide a full gamut of sedation services to safely treat your child in office or at Rady Children’s Hospital.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

Orthodontics Streamlined and by Specialized Team

Invisalign ®, Clear braces, early growth modification. Our expert orthodontic specialists can help with whatever your child may need to get that smile confident and working well for a lifetime.


Busy families appreciate having their dental and orthodontic home in one place. Why go between different clinics when all your child’s records and care can be seamlessly coordinated?

Growth Modification:

The expertise in growth and development of the jaws and teeth that can be expected from a pediatric dentist combined with the experience to work with kids makes great results possible in the growing orthodontic patient.

Who says you have to use metal braces? Change your smile without changing your lifestyle. Our Clarity braces allow capable and quick results, without the look of being in braces.

Invisalign ® :

Our doctors are certified Invisalign providers. In fact, with Invisalign Teen we straighten your teeth with the most advanced clear aligner system in the world.

3D Low Radiation Imaging:

We proudly own the only high tech, low radiation, Green 3D scanning unit, in San Diego. We are the only pediatric dental office, producing high quality imaging with the lowest possible radiation.

Preventive Orthodontic Care:

Highly trained staff and doctors who are experts not just in orthodontics but also pediatric dental services that can minimize the occurrence of common white marks and cavities that often come with braces.

Dentistry for Teenagers in a One of a Kind Clinic

A concept pioneered by Dr J, our teen clinic is designed just for the special needs of teenagers. Be a part of this one of a kind clinic to meet your teenager’s specialized oral health needs.

Judgement Free:

We don’t preach or judge. We connect and coach, aided by the most advanced technologies to help teens notice the power of happiness that lies within their smile.

Fun Factor:

Modern specialized teen dentistry makes going here relaxing and exciting. Stay engaged in a community of teenagers who believe in the power of a healthy confident smile.

Sports Injury:

Custom designed and delivered mouth or sports guards can comfortably minimize harm from impact or bruxism. Our professional grade guards are the gold standards in the dental industry.

Bright Smile:

From preventive dentistry to cosmetic procedures, polishing to whitening, we know the importance of a healthy bright smile and can help you achieve the best esthetic outcomes possible.


A concept pioneered by Dr J, our teen dental clinic is designed just for the needs of teenagers. They have big screen TVs, video games, massage chairs, and other amenities.


Busy families appreciate having their dental and orthodontic home in one place. Why go between different clinics when it's all streamlined with plentiful after school appointments.

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