Common Tricky Plaque Spots
in Kids Teeth

A common question that a lot of parents ask is, “how can I really clean my kids teeth? We brush but my child still gets cavities.” We are in children’s mouth’s all day, and that is a challenge that we understand. It can be tricky to get into those tough areas where plaque can get lodged in kids teeth.

There are some common spots, that even after brushing, plaque can be left behind. Here are the two most common areas that parents miss when brushing and where we typically find plaque.

  1. When the child opens wide, on the back side of the lower molars on the inside area. Your child’s tongue can restrict access to the toothbrush from really getting in there.
  2. The second commonly missed area is on the upper back molars on the outside, next to the cheek. The cheek hinders the access to the toothbrush which makes it more difficult to really remove the plaque.

It takes a bit of effort and ingenuity to be able to reach those tricky spots in kids teeth. Especially with them wiggling around, but focusing on those areas in your child's mouth is definitely worth it.

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It's important for your child to visit your pediatric dentist, at least every 6 months. They will be able to show you any areas of your child's mouth that could use more focused brushing and give you tips on how to reach those tricky spots in your kids teeth.

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J. Shahangian


Dr. J is a board certified pediatric dentist and owner of Scripps Pediatric Dentistry & Brush n Brace, pediatric dental offices located in San Diego, CA. He is not only a Diplomat with the board but now also has Fellow status with the AAPD. He is a proud father of 3 beautiful girls, a San Diego native, loves soccer and is passionate about pediatric oral health. His mission is battling the number 1 disease that he has seen take over our beloved children. #AskDrJ provides answers and solutions to parents questions & concerns regarding their children's oral health. Click here for a full list of articles from #AskDrJ 

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