Bad Breath

By: J. Shahangian, DDS, MS- San Diego Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

What Causes Bad Breath?
Food break down in your body usually is the cause for bad breath.  When you metabolize your food, there are odors that are produced that travel to your mouth, bloodstream, and pass through your lungs.

Doing mouth washes, brushing, and flossing only hides bad breath.  Only after you go to the bathroom will the bad odor go away.  Other factors that contribute to bad breath are failing to brush and floss your teeth every day.  If a person does not have proper dental hygiene, pieces of food in between the teeth collect, and over time germs start to collect, which causes bad breath.

Bad breath can also be an indicator of unhealthy gums.  Also, dry mouth may cause bad breath because a person does not have enough “spit” or saliva in the mouth.  Saliva is needed to clean the mouth, and to get rid of food particles that may cause odor.

You can help insure that you do not get bad breath.  All you have to do is brush and floss your teeth every day to get rid of all food particles in your mouth.  Lastly, remember to visit me for regular checkups! [1]



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