Sensitive Teeth

By: J. Shahangian, DDS, MS- San Diego Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Sensitive Teeth
People who suffer from sensitive teeth feel pain when they drink or eat cold and hot foods, an even breathing in puffs of air can cause pain and discomfort.

Causes for sensitive teeth can include an abscessed tooth or an unnoticed cavity.  In addition, changes in temperature and behaviors like aggressive brushing and teeth grinding (bruxism) can create small cracks on the surfaces of the teeth which are located near lines. These cracks expose the dentin, or inner structures of the teeth.

Hypersensitive teeth can have serious effects on your child’s health.  For example it can have a negative effect on your child’s habits because your child may avoid eating certain foods, being in social situations, or even brushing and rinsing the mouth because this act is too painful.  Sealants, fillings, and desensitizing toothpaste can alleviate some of the pain.[1]


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