Problems with Braces and Retainers

By: J. Shahangian, DDS, MS- San Diego Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Problems with Braces and Retainers
Sometimes, the wiring in braces causes irritation for your child.  I recommend that you wrap the end of the wire with a small piece f beeswax, gauze or cotton ball, until you can come and visit me in my office.  Call my office as soon as possible if the wiring becomes loose or falls out.  Keep any wiring pieces with you, and bring them to your appointment.

Bitten Lip or Tongue
The first step to take is to rinse your child’s mouth out.  The next step is to ice the mouth to minimize any swelling.  Take your child to the emergency room if the bleeding does not stop.[1]

Lacerations and Cuts
Cuts on your face and the inner tissue of your child’s mouth should be taken seriously because of possible infection and tissue damage.

In cases of severe trauma, surgery is need to treat a broken jaw, nose, chin, maxillofacial, or other facial bone.

Additional treatment may be required after jaw surgery.  This additional treatment may include using tiny wires, rubber bands, metal braces, plates, and screws to re-align the fractured jaw after surgery.   By stabilizing the jaw, the bone is able to fully heal.  Other supplementary treatment may be necessary to ensure the jaw bone is fully healed such as using dental splints.[2]


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