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Cavity Protection During the Holidays: Operation Clean Teeth

Tricks of the Trade to Help Kids Stay Cavity-Free

Parents face countess worries when raising children: keeping them safe and healthy, expanding their minds and teaching them how to be kind to others. The last thing we want to face is the stressful process of dealing with cavities and the damage they cause to teeth. During the holidays, dental care is especially important due to the increased number of sugary treats and the excitements that cause the daily (oral hygiene) routines to be skipped. Because of this, added precautions would be a good idea.

Measures for Dental Defense

It is best to contain cavities before sugary snacks do their damage. In other words, prevention is key. Strong teeth and an established routine are your first defense before you head out to the holiday parties.

Here are some tips and tricks to help your children stay cavity-free during the holiday season:

  • Bacteria cause cavities- Candy does not cause decay, bacteria due. Good oral hygiene means sweeping the germs off your child’s teeth so that they cant stick around and thrive on your child’s enamel.
  • What you eat matters- Sticky, carbohydrate-rich acidic foods are the enemy of teeth. Consuming foods that are nutrient-dense help your gums and mouth resist infection and stay healthy.
  • Have a dental home- Our team is not only a great resource but also a family-run practice that would love to help keep your child’s mouth cavity-free.
  • You cant always brush- Brush twice a day and after eating any sugary treats. But if you can’t brush your child right away, rinse their mouth with water as a second defense.
  • Limit sugar, particularly sweets that could get stuck on kids’ teeth. Toss those sticky candies and snacks!
  • Make toothbrush time fun- I know, easier said than done. Two minutes might seem like a long time if we don’t make it fun for kids. Try singing a song, using a character toothbrush or colored floss.

We Care About Kids Teeth

We know how important it is for you to have the best care for your child. Having a dental team you can trust to handle your children’s visits with care and comfort is an integral part of the growing-up process. We want our kids to feel safe, to enjoy learning about their teeth and to have positive dental visits. Holiday teeth care at home is a great way to ensure that going to the dentist is not scary!

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