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Preventive Dentistry in San Diego

Staying One Step Ahead of Your Child’s Dental Problems

Life can be incredibly busy, and setting aside time to visit the dentist when your child is not facing an urgent dental issue might not feel like a priority. However, there are many reasons why your child would benefit from regular visits to our San Diego pediatric dentistry office. From toddlers to teens and checkups to sealants, our team knows prevention and we want your child to get the best care possible to keep them healthy and happy.


Help your child develop their oral hygiene habits and set up their first appointment by calling (858) 252-0577.

The Importance of Professional Oral Care

Regular visits to the dentist help to:

  • Receive personalized input on how to improve hygiene practices
  • Teach your children how to best care for their teeth
  • Prevent gum disease and cavities
  • Preserve healthy smiles

    At our regular checkups, we effectively clean teeth by removing plaque as well as inspecting for any signs of damage or decay. Additionally, we use a fluoride treatment to strengthen the teeth and make them more resistant to acid and sugar-filled foods.

    Preventive Care at Home

    Many dental issues arise as a result of neglecting proper oral care. We can help your children establish solid dental routines that will set them up for a lifetime of excellent oral health. At Scripps Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we encourage the parents of our patients to teach them to brush and floss regularly.

    While simple, these tasks do a great deal in preventing cavities, enamel breakdown, gum disease, and other issues in the future. Our team wants to partner with you to ensure that we catch any potential problems your child may be experiencing before they become serious complications. You can trust our experienced dental team to provide your child with the effective preventive dentistry services they deserve.

    Healthy smiles and happiness start here. Call our San Diego pediatric dentistry office today to schedule your child’s preventive care checkup at (858) 252-0577.

    Our Patients Make Us Smile!

    • “My son felt very comfortable.”

      Christina K.

    • “Our daughter who is normally a little apprehensive around strangers felt right at home and left the office saying "I had a SO much fun at the dentist!"”

      Andrew T.

    • “I wish they took adult patients because my husband & I would go there!!”

      Verity P.

    • “I was so grateful and he was extremely reassuring to a scared boy and an even more-freaked out mother.”

      Hope G.

    • “It immediately corrected her silent reflux, gas and constipation issues!”


    • “Everyone was approachable and we never felt rushed.”

      Lyn C.

    • “I’m so glad I found this dentist for my kids.”

      Nicole F.

    • “Our daughter has never complained about going to the dentist's office.”

      Beth M.

    • “Always a great experience and there's no one better with the kids.”

      Erika B.

    • “My kids don't hate going to the dentist so I feel like we've won.”

      Briana W.

    • “They feel safe and happy instead of anxious and afraid!”

      Kandi D.

    • “They always leave happy. Nice job!”

      Julie W.

    • “My 1 yr old did not cry once during examination and teeth cleaning.”

      Leti R.

    • “Our boys look forward to coming!”

      Johner R.

    • “My kids are never scared to go to the dentist.”

      Lindsey M.