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Laser Dentistry in San Diego

A Safe, Effective & Pain-Free Treatment Method

At Scripps Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, our team of board-certified dentists is highly experienced in using laser dentistry as a means to treat our young patients. This method is ideal for children who are anxious or afraid of the prospect of undergoing dental procedures. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we safely and efficiently treat patients who are suffering from a vast range of dental problems. Imagine shining a light on your child’s teeth and having the cavities light up! It’s that easy.

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What Laser Dentistry Can Do

Laser dentistry enables us to cut into tissue and seal the incision simultaneously. This means your child will hardly bleed and will likely heal extremely quickly.

Laser dentistry has been used for the following, and more:

  • Gum reshaping
  • Identifying cavities
  • Treating gum disease
  • Exposing wisdom teeth
  • Treating root canal infections
  • Rectifying restricted tongue movement
  • Treating canker sore and cold sore pain

    The Many Benefits

    Laser dentistry is especially helpful when it comes to dealing with childrenand teens. The procedures tend to go very smoothly and are known for often being the most comfortable and fastest-healing option for patients of all ages.

    Other benefits include:

    • Anesthesia is not always necessary
    • Patients don’t typically require oral stitches
    • The laser sterilizes the gums, which keeps infections at bay
    • Patients lose little blood and face a straightforward healing process

      Nothing but the Best for Your Children

      Your child’s health and comfort are incredibly important to you, and that makes it very important to us as well. As such, we only use the most advanced and effective technology on the market. Dental procedures don’t have to be an intimidating or stressful ordeal. Dr. J Shahangian’s dental practice is founded on the belief that children should be able to develop excellent oral health in a comfortable environment that enables them to feel safe and happy. For all your questions and concerns about laser dentistry in San Diego, call (858) 252-0577 today.

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      Our Patients Make Us Smile!

      • “My kids don't hate going to the dentist so I feel like we've won.”

        Briana W.

      • “They are so kid friendly and know how to make them feel comfortable that I don't really need to do any hand holding or be involved which is nice.”

        Lance C.

      • “I wish they took adult patients because my husband & I would go there!!”

        Verity P.

      • “It immediately corrected her silent reflux, gas and constipation issues!”


      • “My son felt very comfortable.”

        Christina K.

      • “My 1 yr old did not cry once during examination and teeth cleaning.”

        Leti R.

      • “Our daughter has never complained about going to the dentist's office.”

        Beth M.

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        Erika B.

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      • “Both my kids who are pretty fearful of doctors/dentists and they both love it here.”

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      • “I’m so glad I found this dentist for my kids.”

        Nicole F.

      • “They feel safe and happy instead of anxious and afraid!”

        Kandi D.