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Gum Disease Treatment in San Diego

Keeping Your Child’s Oral Health in Excellent Condition

At Scripps Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we have board-certified specialists trained in providing dental care geared towards every age group, from infants to teenagers. This is important when it comes to periodontal disease (gum disease), as hormonal changes associated with puberty can lead to a heightened risk of gum disease. Increased progesterone and estrogen levels have been linked to increased circulation in the gums, leading to further sensitivity and irritation.

Recognizing and reacting to the early signs of gum disease is important for your child’s health. Get in touch with us at (858) 252-0577 for more information.

Common Types of Gum Disease in Children

There are three main types of gum disease that we see in our patients:

  • Chronic gingivitis – Causes gums to swell, redden, and bleed easily, but can be prevented with regular brushing, flossing, and professional checkups with a San Diego pediatric dentist.
  • Aggressive periodontitis – Typically found in teenagers, mainly affecting the molars and incisors through causing the bones to degrade.
  • Generalized aggressive periodontitis – Begins around puberty and leads to swelling in the gums and heavy accumulation of plaque, sometimes causing teeth to become loose and even fall out.

    Developing Excellent Hygiene Habits

    It is not only important for teenagers to follow a sound dental hygiene regimen, but for children of all ages. Parents should help teach proper brushing and flossing techniques at a young age, and emphasize the importance of regular dental care. Additionally, it is advisable that you schedule your children regular checkups with our San Diego pediatric dentistry team so our specialists can thoroughly clean their teeth, catch any gum disease at an early stage, and continue to help your child improve their oral care habits.

    Dr. J Shahangian and his dental team are committed to your child’s oral health. Schedule an appointment today at (858) 252-0577 for effective gum disease treatment in San Diego.

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