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Dental Fillings & Crowns in San Diego

Keeping Your Child’s Teeth & Smile Healthy & Bright

Dr. J Shahangian understands the importance of a confident smile. Smiling is a part of everyday life that allows your child to connect with others and express his or her feelings. At Scripps Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we are driven by our desire to help your child attain and maintain the smile that will make them feel their best. We are committed to protecting your child’s self-confidence and providing them with the highest-quality dental services possible.

To speak to a San Diego pediatric dentist who understands the importance of a healthy, bright smile, reach out to us at (858) 252-0577.

How We Can Help Your Child

Even the smallest tweaks can dramatically enhance your child’s smile and positively impact both their health and self-esteem.

The two main services we provide in this category are:

  • Fillings – Help restore a damaged tooth to its former shape through removing the decayed material, cleaning the area, and filling the cavity with a durable material.
  • Crowns – A cap used to fill gaps and help restore a full smile that was formerly affected by missing or damaged teeth. It can also improve your child’s ability to bite and chew properly.

    For Your Child’s Overall Health

    We want your child to feel welcomed and comfortable in our office. We don’t preach or judge; we connect and educate. We don’t just want children to like the appearance of their smile but to truly take note of the power of the happiness that lies within their smile. Whether this is achieved through preventive cleanings or cosmetic fillings and crowns, Dr. J Shahangian and his San Diego pediatric dentistry team know how important your child’s dental health is. Together, let’s work towards the best possible outcome for their overall wellbeing.

    Helping your child take pride in their smile, one tooth at a time. Call (858) 252-0577 to make an appointment for crowns and fillings in San Diego.

    Our Patients Make Us Smile!

    • “I’m so glad I found this dentist for my kids.”

      Nicole F.

    • “Always a great experience and there's no one better with the kids.”

      Erika B.

    • “My son felt very comfortable.”

      Christina K.

    • “They feel safe and happy instead of anxious and afraid!”

      Kandi D.

    • “Our boys look forward to coming!”

      Johner R.

    • “Everyone was approachable and we never felt rushed.”

      Lyn C.

    • “My kids don't hate going to the dentist so I feel like we've won.”

      Briana W.

    • “I don't believe there could be a better dentist for kids.”

      Den W.

    • “Our daughter who is normally a little apprehensive around strangers felt right at home and left the office saying "I had a SO much fun at the dentist!"”

      Andrew T.

    • “Excellent team and service!”

      Lil S.

    • “My kids are never scared to go to the dentist.”

      Lindsey M.

    • “Both my kids who are pretty fearful of doctors/dentists and they both love it here.”

      Krysie S.

    • “Our daughter has never complained about going to the dentist's office.”

      Beth M.

    • “My 1 yr old did not cry once during examination and teeth cleaning.”

      Leti R.

    • “They are so kid friendly and know how to make them feel comfortable that I don't really need to do any hand holding or be involved which is nice.”

      Lance C.