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Emergency Dentistry in San Diego

Treating Toothaches & Trauma at All Hours

Dealing with a dental emergency immediately can prevent your child from suffering unnecessary and excessive pain. Prompt and professional care could potentially even save a tooth altogether. Scripps Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is equipped to handle all dental emergencies. You can rely on us to support your family and child in this time of need. We provide pediatric dental service for Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch and Greater San Diego area.

Call (858) 252-0577 now for high-quality emergency dental care in San Diego both during and after business hours.

When You Can’t Wait

You should immediately bring your child to an emergency dentist if he or she:

  • Experiences an extreme and unrelenting toothache
  • Breaks, chips, or cracks a tooth - Rinse with warm water and apply a cold compress; bring any tooth fragments to the dentist in a wet towel
  • Knocks out a tooth - Insert the tooth back into the socket, if possible; if not, tell your child to hold the tooth under his or her tongue while heading to the dentist
  • Breaks their jaw - Apply a cold compress to his or her face and immediately proceed to your dentist or the emergency room
  • Bites through their tongue or lip - Rinse mouth and use a cold compress to reduce swelling en route to our office

    The San Diego Emergency Dentist for You

    Scripps Ranch Pediatric Dentistry You Can Count On

    Sometimes the problem can be less clear-cut than a damaged or broken tooth. However, any time your child seems to be suffering from extreme tooth or mouth pain, we advise calling our dental office. A member of our team may be able to advise you on whether or not an after-hours visit is necessary. Either way, we will make you an appointment and help you create a plan to have your child or teenager feeling better as soon as possible. You can trust us to be there for you when you need us most.

    If you believe your child is in need of immediate dental care, contact us now at (858) 252-0577.

    Our Patients Make Us Smile!

    • “It immediately corrected her silent reflux, gas and constipation issues!”


    • “My 1 yr old did not cry once during examination and teeth cleaning.”

      Leti R.

    • “My kids don't hate going to the dentist so I feel like we've won.”

      Briana W.

    • “They are so kid friendly and know how to make them feel comfortable that I don't really need to do any hand holding or be involved which is nice.”

      Lance C.

    • “Always a great experience and there's no one better with the kids.”

      Erika B.

    • “I’m so glad I found this dentist for my kids.”

      Nicole F.

    • “My son actually looks forward to coming to the dentist.”

      Jana S.

    • “Both my kids who are pretty fearful of doctors/dentists and they both love it here.”

      Krysie S.

    • “My kids are never scared to go to the dentist.”

      Lindsey M.

    • “They always leave happy. Nice job!”

      Julie W.

    • “Our daughter who is normally a little apprehensive around strangers felt right at home and left the office saying "I had a SO much fun at the dentist!"”

      Andrew T.

    • “Our boys look forward to coming!”

      Johner R.

    • “Our daughter has never complained about going to the dentist's office.”

      Beth M.

    • “Excellent team and service!”

      Lil S.

    • “My son felt very comfortable.”

      Christina K.