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Clear Braces in San Diego

Discreetly Fixing Your Child’s Teeth & Mouth

We not only provide the highest quality of orthodontic care, but our San Diego pediatric dentistry team understands the emotional factors that are involved when working with children and teenagers. Dr. J Shahangian is passionate about treating his patients while making sure they have a fun and stress-free appointment at our office. We are committed to helping your child uncover their functional, beautiful, and genuine smile.

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What Can Braces Achieve?

Braces are intended to gently shift teeth into their proper position over time, including straightening the jaw and any issues with the bite, as well as retraining the relevant muscles to accommodate the changes.

The most common issues braces can fix include:

  • Spacing – gaps between teeth
  • Crowding – too many teeth to fit comfortably
  • Crossbite – upper and lower teeth not lining up
  • Overbite – upper teeth extending over lower teeth
  • Underbite – lower teeth jutting further than the upper
  • Misplaced midline – upper and lower teeth not lining up

    Who Says You Have to Use Metal Braces?

    A straight smile should not have to come at the cost of your child’s confidence. We know many teenagers want straight teeth but dread the thought of needing to wear metal braces. Fortunately, our clear braces allow for fast and effective results without the unappealing look of traditional braces. Our San Diego orthodontic team can provide an informed plan for your child’s teeth and we have the experience necessary to give them the smile they have always wanted.

    Your child’s happiness is important to us. For clear braces in San Diego, call (858) 252-0577 today.

    Our Patients Make Us Smile!

    • “Our daughter who is normally a little apprehensive around strangers felt right at home and left the office saying "I had a SO much fun at the dentist!"”

      Andrew T.

    • “They are so kid friendly and know how to make them feel comfortable that I don't really need to do any hand holding or be involved which is nice.”

      Lance C.

    • “I wish they took adult patients because my husband & I would go there!!”

      Verity P.

    • “Our boys look forward to coming!”

      Johner R.

    • “My kids are never scared to go to the dentist.”

      Lindsey M.

    • “They always leave happy. Nice job!”

      Julie W.

    • “Always a great experience and there's no one better with the kids.”

      Erika B.

    • “Both my kids who are pretty fearful of doctors/dentists and they both love it here.”

      Krysie S.

    • “Our daughter has never complained about going to the dentist's office.”

      Beth M.

    • “My son actually looks forward to coming to the dentist.”

      Jana S.

    • “It immediately corrected her silent reflux, gas and constipation issues!”


    • “They feel safe and happy instead of anxious and afraid!”

      Kandi D.

    • “Excellent team and service!”

      Lil S.

    • “Everyone was approachable and we never felt rushed.”

      Lyn C.

    • “My son felt very comfortable.”

      Christina K.