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When Dr. J and Mrs. Shahangian had their first child in 2008, they were distressed because their newborn continued to struggle with breastfeeding. Eventually, after much frustration, their child’s tongue and lip tie were diagnosed. Here at Scripps Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we are driven by a deeply personal motivation to help parents dealing with similar issues.

Dr. J Shahangian is passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding and has gone to great measures to educate himself on preventive oral care for infants, and received extensive training on the best technologies and techniques to help struggling mothers.

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What Is a Frenulum?

A frenulum is a ridge of tissue that helps secures mobile organs in the body.

The two major frenum (plural of "frenulum") in the mouth are the:

  • Lingual -- the one under the tongue
  • Labial -- the one tucked under the upper lip

Around five percent of the population experiences a malpositioned, restrictively tight, or excessively thick frenulum, which can cause issues with the mobility of the tongue or lip. The two major problems this can cause are referred to as a lip tie or tongue tie.

How Can a Frenectomy Help?

Our San Diego pediatric dentistry team is highly trained and experienced in performing frenectomies. A frenectomy is a procedure which corrects a lip or tongue tie. Our office has been using laser technology to perform this treatment since 2011, as it is not only the easiest procedure for the child but also produces some of the best results. The laser does not actually cut the tissue but instead uses light to dissolve it, leading to nearly zero chance of infection, bleeding, or pain after the surgery since it effectively creates its own "sterile bandage" at the site through cauterization and desensitization.

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We Take Your Child’s Health Seriously

A lip or tongue tie is typically diagnosed by a lactation consultant who is able to identify what is causing your child to have difficulty with breastfeeding. Our San Diego pediatric dentistry team requires that the child undergoing a newborn frenectomy is under the care of a certified lactation consultant both before and after the procedure.

Dr. J Shahangian is the first board-certified pediatric dentist to also pursue and become a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor. Scripps Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is Southern California’s first clinic to implement a Baby Oral Health Program (BOHP) as well as a Mom and Toddler Preventative Oral Health Program, developed by the University of North Carolina Department of Pediatric Dentistry.

We are specifically prepared to provide your infant or toddler with highly specialized care. Schedule your first appointment with us at (858) 252-0577 today!

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